Biocontrol and plant growth promotion

Application for the collaborative project in frame of the Sino-German collaboration program

trial with chinese cabbage plants

A step directed to sustainable agriculture by use of bacterial formulations which support plant growth and suppress plant diseases caused by phytopathogenic microorganisms was confirmed by the "steering committee for collaboration in science and technology (WTZ) with China in the field of environmental technology and ecology" on his session at 23. März 2007 in Bonn.

A highly efficient bioproduct

This proposal aims at the exploration of bacteria as a probiotic for the improvement of plant health. In order to contribute significantly to the development of a sustainable agriculture, saving natural resources, and lower use of harmful and expensive chemicals in agriculture is the main objective developing of a highly efficient plant growth promoting bioproduct based on Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB42® (proprietary name of ABiTEP GmbH Berlin, Germany) and other strains isolated from the German and Chinese partner institutions involved in this proposal. The product which is improved in frame of the collaborative scientific and technological efforts of both partner countries will be manufactured by a Chinese/German joint-venture company.


Application of the novel bioproduct will lead to:

  • (1) higher crop yield
  • (2) significant reduction of damages caused by phytopathogenic fungi, bacteria and viruses
  • (3) saving of chemical fertilizers and pesticides with impact on economy and environment.

It should be marketed for use preferentially in Chinese and German Agriculture but also in the other Asian and European countries.

hint chinese information
Informations in chinese:
Biocontrol and plant growth promotion (project description in chinese, PDF)
Plant growth promoting bioproduct (chinese language, PDF)
Time scale and duration of the project:
June 2007 until December 2010

Project coordination

Humboldt University Berlin, Institute of Biology, Bacterial Genetics

Prof. Dr. Rainer Borriss
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Projekttraeger Juelich / Project Management Juelich
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Michael Weber
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