ERSEC International Conference 2008 "Sustainable Land Use and Water Management"

Beijing, China, 8-10 October, 2008

Ecological Research for Sustaining the Environment in China (ERSEC) is a joint effort between the Chinese Ministry of Education (MoE), the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the UNSECO Office Beijing to promote the practical use of ecological research results in China by creating a dialogue between scientists and policy-makers. Being the bilateral partner of BMBF for the scientific-technological cooperation, Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) has also joined in the initiative.
The ERSEC International Conference 2008 "Sustainable Land Use and Water Management" aims to provide a forum for exchange of information in order to encourage the networking between Sino-German research projects and organizations. Moreover the conference aims to promote the application and extension of scientific research results through specific recommendations for policy-makers and facilitate the exchange and integration of multi-disciplinary research regarding sustainable land use and water management and to encourage internatonal research cooperation.
In frame of the ERSEC conference there will be a meeting of the Sino-German collaboration project "A step directed to sustainable agriculture by use of bacterial formulations which support plant growth and suppress plant diseases caused by phytopathogenic microorganisms".