Feng-He Ecological Development Ltd Co of Yunnan, Kunming


Meeting at FengHe Co. Ltd. Kunming December 2007. Mr Zhi You Zhou (1.left), Mr. Zhou jun. (2nd. left), Prof. Yueqiu He (middle), and Dr. Helmut Junge (right)

The company is a high science-technology company specialized in the research and production of microbial fertilizer and microbial fermenting bacterium agent. The techniques of the company are from Beijing University, Microbiology Institute of Yunnan province and Yunnan Branch of Science and Technology Development Institute of China. Yunnan Feng-He biopotassic fertilizer based on the silicate bacterium Bacillus mucilaginosus is the main product developed and produced by FengHe Ltd. Co.

Role in the collaborative project:

The company collaborates closely with ABiTEP GmbH and Humboldt University in developing a novel biofertilizer product suitable for Chinese agriculture.


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CEO Zhi Yu Zhou

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