Work package 3

Identification, characterization and test of strains harbouring optimal sets of genes for their plant growth promotion- and biocontrol activity.

Responsible: Dr. Borriss, Berlin, Dr. He, Kunming, Dr. Gao, Nanjing

Based on sequence information obtained by WPs 1 and 2 appropriate oligonucleotide primers will be prepared to identify strains consisting of an optimal set of the desired genes. Those strains will be further analysed for their respective phenotype in spite of plant growth promotion and biocontrol function (spectra of secondary metabolites formed). Cost efficient low-coverage genome sequencing will be performed in order to characterize specific features (different from FZB42) present in their genomes. Most promising strains will be selected for extended application experiments and - in positive case - can be used as complementary material for designed bioformulations (either separatedly or in combination with one well accepted strain as FZB42 or FZB24). In this way a direct link does exist between the work packages belonging to R&D and the other ones devoted to basic research exists.