Work package 5

Development of bioformulations with optimal application properties in different fields of plant protection and plant growth promotion by use of selected Bacillus strains and their secondary metabolites.
This WP based on results mainly obtained by WP 3. It covers the two different aspects: (1) Bioformulations from beneficial bacteria with a high potential to develop biocontrol and plant growth promoting activities according to WP 3 and (2) Bioformulations in which durable Bacillus spores are combined with their culture fluid containing several plant growth supporting and antagonistic acting metabolites efficient in biocontrol. It is planned to use novel strains from different origin for production of durable spore products. 3 4 strains will be investigated in laboratory and 2 strains in technical scale. The second topic is development of novel and known strains for production of secondary metabolites with plant growth promoting and biocontrol properties. Spores and secondary metabolites will be combined in one formulation in order to obtain bioformulations suppressing plant pathogens and enhancing plant growth.

Responsible: Abitep G.m.b.H Berlin in collaboration with Humboldt University and Chinese authorities (Agricultural universities of Beijing, Yunnan and Nanjing, and partners of Chinese Industry)