Application experiments 2007

Samples of FZB24 WG (>51010cfu/g) and FZB42 Rhizo Vital (liquid formulation containing >2.51010cfu/g) were used in application experiments performed in different Chinese provinces and with different Chinese crops of economical importance. An overview about the experiments is presented in the table below.

Performed by Area Crop/flower Result after application
Nanjing Agricultural University, Prof. Gao Tibet Coleus scutellarioides Increase of flower formation and efficiency of germination
Application report
Prof. Gao & Zhenjiang Agricultural institute Nanjing Tomato infected by CMV virus Growth improvement, reduction of disease index and increase of fruit number
Application report
Chinese Agricultural University, Prof. Wang Qi & Niu Ben Beijing Soy bean Increase of pod number per plant, the grain number per plant and the yield per 667 m2 (Tiefeng29)
Application report
maize No apparent effect on the emergence of maize plants (Zhengdan958)
Yunnan Agricultural University, Prof. Yueqiu HE Yunnan potato 10% increase of yield after application of FZB42 but results are not reproducible
Application report
maizeGrowth promotion, mainly exerted by FZB42
rapeapplication of biological fertilizer FZB42 could increase the yield of rape of about 14%
Application report
Qingdao Agricultural Institute Qingdao Qingdao (Shandong province) potato Application of FZB 42 increased yield by 14%
maizeNo effect on maize
Soy beanIncrease yield by 14 %
Application report

In addition, application experiments performed by Prof. He, YAU revealed that FZB42 and B9601-Y2 promote rice tiller very well.