Application experiments 2009

Performed by Area/Time Crop Used in experiment Disease in the field Result after application
Soil and fertilizer station in Chenggong county Kunming city Chenggong county / May, 2009 Lettuce FZB42 ®WG - Application report
Chenggong county / July, 2009 You-mai vegetable FZB42 ®WG - Application report
Plant protection station in Chenggong county Kunming city Chenggong county / April to July, 2009 Spinach FZB42 ®WG - Application report 1
Application report 2
Peasant Luohua Li of Chenggong county Chenggong county / May, 2009 Milk pak-choi FZB42®WG - Application report
Chenggong county / August, 2009 Milk pak-choi FZB42®WG large radical disease, virus disease Seedlings with large radical and virus diseases, yield had only 1100 kg/220M²
Soil and fertilizer station in Qujing City Qujing city/July, 2009 cabbage WG: FZB42; B9601-Y2 - Application report
Shuhang Wu in Shanghai Shanghai/May to July, 2009 Juicy peach WG: FZB42 - Application report
Yueqiu He in Yunnan Agricultural University Zhaoyuan city in Shandong tomato WG: FZB42; B. subtilisB9601-Y2 - Application report
Zhaotong Yunnan province maize - Application report
Wenshan Yunnan province/ begin from Dec. 29, 2008 soybean - Application report
Joerg Summa Shangnan Shaanxi province forest plants FZB42 WG with grass/ without grass - Application report