Application experiments

In order to establish a knowledge base for use of bioformulations based on plant growth promoting bacteria in China we are performing an extended series of application experiments with samples produced by our industrial partner ABiTEP GmbH Berlin. The samples are produced according to the high product quality standard with a novel innovative technology developed by ABiTEP GmbH.

Bioformulations prepared from FZB24 and FZB42 by ABiTEP are applied to different Chinese crops growing in different Chinese areas. Preliminary experiments have been performed in 2006 with encouraging results. Professor Gao from Nanjing Agricultural university used successfully bioformulation prepared from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB24 spores to increase growth of Chrysanthemum, an important cut flower. Furthermore application of FZB24 in soy bean cultures growing in Heilongjiang Province (Northern China) resulted in better growth and improved yield of this important crop.

Application experiments 2006

Based on these encouraging results we have largely extended our field trials in 2007. The outcome of the 2007 application experiments corroborated greatly the encouraging results obtained in the previous year.

Application experiments 2007

Together with the local Chinese company FengHe Co. Ltd. situated in Kunming city (Yunnan province) we are going now one step further and start to apply the FZB42 bioformulation for use in China agriculture in large scale.

Application experiments 2008

In comparison to 2006 and 2007, field trials were expanded. Again samples of Bacillus subtilis FZB24 and Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB42 were tested in different chinese areas with a great variety of crops. For the first time, the Bacillus subtilis strain B9601-42 was applied in the same trial as the FZB42 biofertilizer.

Application experiments 2009

Application experiments 2010